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Many specialists in the field of scientific teaching, following the traditional systematic explanation methods, do not differentiate much from the routine methods used in government schools, from which the student gets bored and turns to private lessons because of them, but A / Sameh Mansour is what distinguishes him and distinguishes the academy as it is always in an automatic development It fits and coincides with the modern era, and the mind of the student is creative and innovative, after the wealth of technology and communications it is necessary to treat the students with what suits them of modern techniques and new methods of explanation commensurate with the mentality of the modern student and this is evidenced by the existence of this electronic entity on the Internet. To develop a soleum M traditional e-learning, and the follow-up to the student level and regularity per day through the website in his personal .. and it resulted in the success rate for students 100% and the proportion of getting final grade ranging from 60 to 120 per year student in the official certificate of the Egyptian public secondary. There are also many students from the beginning of the republic who are from the academy and the children of / Sameh Mansour for his experience that exceeded 20 years in the field of teaching the scientific subject for high school

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